Fail: Refried Beans

It was high time I got to know my (mother’s) pressure canner.

Last weekend, we went on our maiden voyage together. I read the water-damaged manual from cover to cover to prepare myself. Why, I don’t know, because I had my mother at my side to make sure I didn’t screw anything up.

We canned 10 lovely pints of green beans. And they were lovely. One didn’t seal, so I dug right in with a fork in the jar. And burned my mouth.  But more importantly I forged a relationship with my pressure canner that will last forever.

Naturally, since I did something once without failing I am now an expert on it. *Snirk*

There might be a reason the directions for canning refried beans is not in the Ball Blue Book OR in the pressure canner’s manual. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DO IT!!

I was shocked SHOCKED when I opened up the canner’s lid this afternoon. It looked like a refried bean massacre in there. And I don’t think I have to tell you what other certain disgusting thing happens to look similar to refried beans. I knew a photograph would be the worst thing possible at that moment.

I do have 6 half-pints of refried beans that I didn’t have this morning, but 4 of them are in the freezer instead of my pantry shelf. Next time, I’ll save myself a couple of hours of work and freeze them directly. *Sigh*


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