Aren’t they beautiful?
Tomato harvest is ON. Today was the 3rd and biggest harvest to date. Pictured left are 23 pounds of (mostly) ripe tomatoes.
Look at these sad little things.

My tomatoes had a pretty rocky start. I bought a packet of seeds and planted them indoors in April.  They took forever to sprout, and then only about half of them sprouted. Over the course of the next 8 or 9 weeks, a few withered up and died and what was left didn’t look like it would survive an HOUR in the outdoors.  Nonethless, my mom marched boldly out to the freshly tilled garden, wilty, tiny tomato plants in hand, and dug holes for these sad little tomato plants rather confidently. 

And they grew. Slowly at first, then into something resembling the Amazon Jungle. And I can’t tame it.
I’ve taken my garden scissors to the plants on several occasions, cutting off HUNDREDS of blossoms at the top in an effort to get the bottom half of the plant to produce more and/or better.  The product description for this particular variety probably should have been, “Bigass plants produce tiny tomatoes. Plants hate to be pruned and will grow back even quicker to spite you.”  I know for a fact that the plant pictured on the front of the seed packet isn’t what I grew from the seeds inside.
Because my little endeavor to grow plants from seed wasn’t wholely successful, I supplemented with a few store-bought plants from Shotwells that are much more well-behaved. I have no idea what variety I bought. They are Roma-like, but oddly shaped (as pictured above). My mom, always so eloquent with words, happily labeled them bull testicles. I can see her point.
So what are we going to do with all of these tomatoes? Well, for starters, I’m going to eat as many BLT’s as humanly possible in the next couple weeks. And this weekend my family is coming over and we are canning like crazy. First spaghetti sauce, then tomato sauce. And then diced tomatoes and salsa later.

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