From the Garden: September 8th, 2011

Okay, so I realize it’s almost the end of the growing season, but one of the original ideas I had for this blog was to post updates on the progression of the garden throughout the growing season. Since it took me so long to come up with a blog name, I guess all I can do this year is the wrap-up. Which is fine; that’s when all the good stuff happens anyhow.

I actually picked this assortment a few weeks ago. So pretty!

While in the garden today, I decided to pull up the cucumbers. They were done. I picked the last few off as I pulled up the vines. When I planted the cucumbers, I was pretty sure I bought the bush variety. Imagine my surprise when they started sprawling all over the place. I still can’t believe how many cucumbers came off of 6 highly-tangled little plants. Them plants were crazy.

Noticed the green beans are blooming again. It’s such a shame I’m the only person in the house who will eat them.

The tomatoes, despite a buzz cut, aren’t getting any bigger. I had hoped trimming all of the extra leaves off the plant would help, but it looks like I’ll have 3000 teeny-tiny golf ball sized tomatoes instead. Lesson learned – must read seed packets more carefully. And no more experimenting with new tomato varieties.

So now the cucumbers are done, the peas are done, I’ve pulled up all the cabbage, broccoli (fail) and cauliflower (fail), I lost all but one zucchini plant to root rot, and it looks as though my yellow squash might be dying. Thank goodness, too, because I really just need one or two a season and I’m good. I don’t enjoy it to the tune of 15 squashes. Nor does it bake up into anything tasty like zucchini bread. Eating yellow squash is like eating chunky water. In fact, I don’t even remember planting yellow squash. The damn thing sprouted and I couldn’t wait until it bloomed so I could know what it was. I was so pissed when I figured it out.

Today I picked:

  • 5 lb 11 oz cantaloupe (first harvest!)
  • 1 lb cucumbers
  • 14 lb 8 oz tomatoes

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