From the Garden: September 15th, 2011

Whoa! The first freeze of the year occurred already last night. I had not considered garden blankets when I did a major blanket purge earlier this year in preparation for a garage sale, so my parents came to the rescue with an enormous stack of them, probably about 1/100th of their blanket “collection.”

We used a large tarp to cover the tomatoes. I was never so thankful that I’d planted them so close together. Up until now, their closeness was driving me batty because I practically have to go spelunking to find all the ripe tomatoes. And trust me, I feel like a buffalo in a china shop when I’m picking them.

I covered a bunch of other things and all of my freshly planted flowers on the front side of the house, too. It got down to 30 degrees. Oy.

Most of my green beans have bloomed twice, so I pulled out about half of them. The other half is still blooming. I probably should have just pulled them all because I can almost guarantee I’ll only get about 13 more beans. I also pulled out the yellow squash. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like yellow squash and was surprised when I realized I’d planted it, so I picked off the last couple squashes and said bye-bye, won’t miss you! I’ll just stick to zucchini, thank you. I ALSO pulled out the pepper plants and pulled off the last couple of green peppers, even though they were a little small. I was okay being done with them.

So what’s left? An enormous zucchini plant (I’ve never had one last this long before), a few green bean plants, some cantaloupes just finishing up, copious amounts of parsley, carrots and of course, tomatoes.

This weekend I plan to pull out the canner again and do up some more salsa and spaghetti sauce. I’ve also been trying to catch my neighbor to ask if we can have some apples off his trees because we’re fresh out of applesauce around here.

I’ll admit it’s somewhat of a relief that the garden is finishing up. I have many fall and winter projects lined up this year!


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