From the Garden: September 21, 2011

I hadn’t been out in the garden since my last update because nothing much is happening out there right now. But I had a hankerin’ for a BLT and went out there to get a tomato and decided the number of red tomatoes way outnumbered the green ones, and in fact many were falling to the ground.

So I started to pull out tomato plants last night. Red ones, green ones, plants, weeds and everything. I underestimated both how MANY tomatoes were left to pick and how long it would take me to do all of that. I didn’t wrap it all up until after 8 PM. Thank god we have a DVR. Heaven forbid I miss anything good on television. (It’s Premiere Week, which is equally exciting as Shark Week.)

It looked like less on the vine.

I was getting worried that my backyard neighbors might come outside and want to talk gardens. Which I normally love to do, but I am so embarassed by these teeny tiny tomatoes that I just couldn’t face them and talk about my struggles with them or why I might have planted the damn things to begin with. Their tomatos are perfect ~ blue ribbon winners at the county fair. Big beautiful bushy plants that don’t grow 12 feet tall and produce these beefy, really quite perfect tomatoes. So at least we can avoid that conversation now.

As I sit and look at the enormous amount of tomatoes sitting on my kitchen table, I realize I’ve got quite a bit of canning left. Here I thought I was about to wrap it up. We’ve done multiple batches of salsa, spaghetti sauce and diced tomatoes so far. I was thinking of wrapping up with some pizza sauce, but I can actually do a whole lot more. What, I don’t know? I’m open to suggestions.

Yesterday’s haul ~ about 67 pounds of tomatoes and a couple of not quite ripe cantaloupe.

All that’s left out there is one lonely pepper plant that seems to think it’s got more to prove than the rest did, a few bean plants that I’m going to attempt to harvest seeds from in a few weeks, an ever-enlarging patch of parsley (it’s a feisty little plant), and of course the carrots.

I’m glad to be wrapping it up slowly. Seems like I was going at quite a fever pitch there for a few weeks. There’s still a lot of canning to do, but you just can’t beat that straight from the garden flavor.


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