It’s a Robot!

I keep the Lincoln logs up in the closet because I can’t bear the idea of picking up all 500 pieces every damn day. And it hurts like hell to step on one.  

But we got them down earlier this week and played with them on Hillary’s request. Hillary and Daddy built a log mansion, then Hillary delivered pieces of log mail. Maris made as much noise as humanly possible banging on stuff with logs and chewing on them. She also threw pieces into the garbage and down the stairs, then destroyed the log mansion, much to Hillary’s dismay. (These two girls are going to be miles apart different, I can see.)

As it neared bedtime, I got Hillary started on cleanup, and when I was sufficiently satisfied that Hillary could fill the Lincoln Log canister faster than Maris could empty it, I did what moms do and walked away to take care of some other things in the evening routine.

When I returned, Hillary had built this: (I’m always so thankful when it’s perfectly clear what I’m supposed to be seeing.)


Now, I’m her mother and I know she’s a smart girl, but creative stuff like this just makes me BEAM. At some point, something sparked in her mind to put the logs together and make a robot with them. I am certainly not that clever.

Proud Artist

I have decided the Lincoln logs can stay out of the closet for now. The girls will almost never build anything with them, but they’ve proven a good multi purpose toy.  Maybe I’ll put puzzles and legos up for awhile and do the ole’ rotate-a-roo on the toys. It’s been awhile.


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