Tutorial: Drying Herbs: Parsley

Drying parsley was a fun and easy project.  Back when I planted the garden, I had a teeny, tiny little patch of dirt leftover and threw down some parsley seeds. As of late, it’s an out of control bushy, wild green monster. Who knew it would be so prolific.

Let the pictures be your guide….

Step 1: Cut parsley (in the morning, just after the dew dries….yes, seriously).

Bucket o’ parsley

Step 2: Gather materials. In this case, brown lunch sacks, string, and scissors.

All this and scissors.

Step 3: Separate parsley into smaller bunches and put in paper bags.

Step 4. Tie with string and trim ends (if you want). Since the stems will shrink, so bend the top of the bag slightly to keep them from falling into the bag as shrinkage occurs.

Step 6: Wait, but try not to forget about your parsley. Step 7: When it seems dry, take parsley from the bags and de-leaf.

Step 8: Admire your work.

Step 9: Label & store.


One thought on “Tutorial: Drying Herbs: Parsley

  1. I tried my hand at drying basil. Not sure if I’m going to try that again. I had 2 full trays of basil, dried them in the dehydrator and got 1 Tablespoon of basil when finished. Not quite the results I was looking for. Guess we’ll see what I do next year!

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