A Full Rich Day – Child Labor and Yucky Soup

Ever since my sister and I had kids, our time spent together feels like we both suffer from serious attention deficit.  We talk for 2 minutes, handle a child issue for 2 minutes, spend 2 minutes figuring out what we were talking about OR start talking about something completely different. Rinse, repeat. I don’t think we’ve had a full, uninterrupted conversation in YEARS.

It's so.....pretty!

My sister, Amanda, came over with her kids on Saturday afternoon. We set out to make no-bake “energy balls,” but once the balls were set, she got in on helping me make egg rolls and beer cheese soup, too. I take the help where I can get it. Apparently, my husband had the same idea because he enlisted her kids in helping him rake and bag leaves all afternoon. He’s a genius.

I LOVE spending time with my sister. I think she likes to spend time with me – I assume she’s not totally scarred from all the angry big sister things I did to her in our youth. We always seem to have plenty to talk about, that’s for sure.

We frequently have Family Fun Days or Weekends where we get together and do whatever. Ninety percent of the time, it revolves around food. This weekend was no exception.

Beer Cheese Soup - Leftovers enhanced with a little corn and potato and Caesar croutons. Tasted even better as leftovers.

Of course, before I knew it the afternoon was gone and everyone had to go home. *Sigh.* I like company.

We had beer cheese soup for supper. It was too spicy for the kids – I thought I was really careful with the seasonings, too. It’s a shame because I think the girls would have really liked it. I thought the soup was excellent. Like, REALLY excellent. Like, those-3000- reviewers-on-allrecipes.com-weren’t-kidding excellent, but my husband, while not outright saying it sucked, did take the time to point out that it wasn’t as good as his mom’s. Gah, I will never measure up to that woman in the kitchen. (I love you, Arlene!)

On Sunday, Hillary and I went to Joanns and picked up a pair of snap pliers, which is just what it sounds like – a pliers for applying snaps. In this instance, I am applying them to some diaper covers I’m sewing for Maris. In my excitement, I did a whole bunch of them completely wrong, then a few minutes later busted a needle on the sewing machine. I figured it was time to walk away from that project for awhile.

Later in the afternoon, Hillary wanted to play “the Sound of Music,” which more or less involves singing the Cuckoo song, then walking around asking everyone what character they want to be. I’ll post more on her Sound of Music obsession later. It’s adorable, I promise.

Just for fun – Miss Mischevious herself.

I didn’t set out to accomplish anything this weekend, which is good because I didn’t accomplish anything really. I think I made headway on a few smaller projects and hopefully measured up better than usual in the playing-with-the-kids department.

And guess what I got today? APPLES!!! I love my boss so much!!!

This is going to make a TON of applesauce.
Looks like we have a new project for next weekend!!

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