Very Serious Stuff: How to Be a Princess When You Grow Up

I had a delightful conversation with Hillary this morning on her intentions for the future.

A little backstory. Hillary loves Caillou (Kie-YOO), a cartoon about a 4 year old boy and his family. We record daily episodes for her to watch when she gets home from daycare. We also read books, and in a recent book Caillou states that he wants to be a daddy when he grows up. Naturally, Hillary would want to relate to this little boy her age so she proudly announced she wants to be a princess when she grows up. See, I’d have gone for ‘a mommy’ in this instance, but Hillary dreams big.

So this is how it went…..we were in the car driving to daycare, about a 7 minute car ride.

Hillary: Did you drive on the grass, mommy?

Me: Of course not. Mommy’s a good driver.

Hillary: But what about that one time when you drove on the grass?

Me: That was a long time ago. [Er, last week.]

Hillary: Will a police man come if you drive in the grass?

Me: No, probably not. But if I drove the car into the house they might.

Hillary: Why would you drive the car into the house?

Me: I wouldn’t. But someone else might.

Hillary: Would the police come if you drove on the grass into the house?

Me: Yes. Probably. The police and my insurance agent.

Hillary: Huh?  [Silence] I’m not going to drive into a house so the police man doesn’t get me.

Me: That’s a great idea. Maybe you could be a police man when you grow up.

Hillary [very seriously]: NO!!! I’m going to be a PRINCESS!!

Me: A princess? What does a princess do?

Hillary: They sleep in a princess bed. With curtanins [curtains].

Me: What else do they do?

Hillary: They wake up sometimes.

Me: And what else? Daddy goes to work at the grocery store to make money and Mommy goes to work at the radio station to make money, so what does a princess do to make money?

Hillary: [silence]

Me: If you were a police man you help people who are in trouble.

Hillary: NO! I want to be a PRINCESS!!

Me: So how does a princess make money?

Hillary: They don’t.

Me:  So how are you going to pay for food and for a house?

Hillary: A house?

Me: Yeah, mommy and daddy work so we can pay for food and for a house and for toys for you.

Hillary: Princesses don’t make money. [but I could tell her wheels were turning].

Me: So a princess sleeps in a princess bed –

Hillary: -with curtanins.

Me: Right, with curtanins. And then she wakes up. Then what?

Hillary: They put on a pretty dress and do stuff.

Me: But how do they make money?

Hillary: THEY DON’T!!

Me: I think you’ll be a wonderful princess when you grow up!

I could see at this point that the conversation had come full circle, so here endeth the lesson.

It’s a shame she won’t go to kindergarten for a couple of years yet.


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