Why Is Menu Planning So…..Messy?

I should be menu planning, but I decided to write about menu planning instead.

At this moment, there is a giant pile of STUFF sitting next to me while I think about starting to work on my November menu plan. My recipe books, a couple of Cooking Light magazines, my food master list, the weekly grocery sales flier, my coupons, scissors to cut coupons, paper, pens, and of course, my menu planning calendar.

Looks like a stack of homework from my college days. Feels like it sometimes, too.

I ebb and flow with the whole menu planning thing. Sometimes I can whip out an entire month in about 15 minutes. Other times, like today, it’s a chore that I avoid at all costs. I get burned out for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I get a lot of ‘yuck,’ or other neutral feedback about a string of meals. Other times, I get tired of eating the same 10 things over and over. It’s hard to please everyone. Hillary and Moby are picky. The list of foods they won’t eat is ASTONISHING. I cooked differently when I met Moby, so I didn’t even know he was a picky eater until just a few years ago. Hillary is a chip off the old block, too. Then there’s me, with a looooong list of foods I cannot tolerate that just so happen to be right up there on the rest of the family’s list of favorites. In a nutshell, I need health food and everyone else hates it. Except Maris. She’ll eat anything. The list of foods that mesh these two completely different tastes is short. But I don’t give up. Hillary is still maliable. Just this week she decided she liked peas and cream of wheat. That’s a huge win for Mom! Moby is another story. I figure he’ll come around after he has The Big One. Soooooo….what more can I really say about menu planning? It’s a challenge and I’m avoiding it. Oh, here, meet my menu planner.

It’s a Pizza Corner calendar. Which also happens to be a great meal when I feel like doing zero cooking. The pizza, not the calendar. Well, I probably shouldn’t put this off any longer. Although……I could just go to bed. Yep, that’s what I think I’ll do.