I Don’t See A Future In Meat Cutting

Last Friday night, I handled meat.

Forty whole pounds of it.

With a dull kitchen scissors and a tub of clorox wipes. Yes, it was real meat. Chicken. A whole entire box of it.

Fresh Young Chicken Parts.....Mmmmmmmmmm!!

A few weeks ago, I ordered a case of chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods, a wholesale company that deals mostly in meats and fruit. Everything I’d read on the quality of the chicken was positive, but I was admittedly skeptical when the company emailed me and told me it could be picked up in a bowling alley parking lot at 7:30 AM. Odd location, for sure.

But sure enough, I was able to pick up 40 pounds of chicken in a bowling alley parking lot.

It took 2 hours to process it all to my liking. I FoodSaver-ed till the FoodSaver said, “No more.”

The Wrap & Pack Arsenal
I think even a layman with cursury meat cutting knowledge would have been ashamed of my use of a kitchen scissors to handle the meat. But you know what? I didn’t cut off any fingers, which is a step up from the last time I made cole slaw. Chicken is slippery, my friends. Handle with CARE.
(My mom tried to show me how to cut up a whole chicken a few weeks ago, but honestly, I wasn’t paying attention.)
That's a lot of meat.
So this is what 40 pounds of do-it-yourself meat packing looks like. Also, are you not just in LOVE with my backsplash? I want to do the shower in the same tile.
As for the chicken itself, it’s good. No hormones, no antibiotics, no added broth – which is how I roll with meat.

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