How I Fixed Our Ice Maker for Six Dollars

When we bought our home, the previous owners sold it with a one year warranty. Genius move on their part – we used it generously that first year on a HUGE plumbing project, a new A-coil for the central air, and we almost got a new dishwasher, but I found a perfectly suitable one for $40 at a garage sale up the street.

Naturally, the fridge would crap out about 3.5 seconds after the warranty expired.

Now, plenty of humorous things happened while shopping for a new fridge, not the least of which was Moby’s plan to practically remodel the entire kitchen to make room for a side by side fridge complete with water and ice despensor. We “compromised” on the nicest of the couple-three models in existance that actually fit into the space we have and splurged on an in-freezer automatic ice maker. It was an extra $50. We figured after a summer of making ice for our beer cooler, it would surely pay for itself handily. I sold all of our old ice trays at our garage sale and never looked back.

Fast forward, oooohh, 2 years? That damn ice maker broke. Finito, kaput, done. We lived without it for at least a year. Then THREE different people looked at it, trying to figure out what was wrong with it. The last person to look at it was an actual professional and he said it was non-fixable.

Okay fine, let’s just get a new one. But it turns out the $50 upgrade to get it with the fridge when it was brand new is now a $150 replacement. How the hell does that work?

So then I think maybe we should just buy one of those standalone ice makers that Target puts on sale every once in awhile for $120.

But then this dose of reality hit me rather hard when I realized we’d been living just fine without it (albeit smoothie-less) for the better part of a year. The only reason we kinda thought we wanted it fixed was because I bought an ice cream maker that used ice and rock salt. And I think my mother is appalled that we do not keep ice handy for guests (her).

I’ve never been one to shy away from a new small appliance, especially when it makes my life easier, so when I found a Cuisinart automatic ice cream maker for $20 at a thrift store (that did not require ice and salt), the problem more or less resolved itself.

Except we still don’t have ice on hand for our guests (or Moby, who prefers his drinking water one degree above freezing), so you can imagine the Aha Moment I had when I came across these puppies at the thrift store today:

Tupperware Ice Trays with Lid and Trap Door

Sure, I could have spent $1 on an assortment of regular old ice trays, but I nixed that idea because our freezer looks like a bomb went off in the frozen food section and ice just hanging out with freezer food tastes like……ass. Sorry, but it does. Tupperware understands these things, clearly.

No longer will our guests drink lukewarm water. We now own these sophisticated ice trays. We’re goin’ old school on this one. All for the incredible low price of $6.

2 thoughts on “How I Fixed Our Ice Maker for Six Dollars

  1. As if I didn’t have enough reason to come visit already. I’m just gonna strut right in and ask for a drink.

  2. A friend wanted a link to your blog so I made it and then started reading old ones for fun…found a few I hadn’t read. This one especially. Where the hell is my ice when I come over?

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