The Evolution of the Kitchen Counter


Okay dumb little project here…..

We have a U-shaped kitchen with one side being a large countertop. And yet I almost never use it for food prep or other kitchen-y activities. Why? Because  it’s covered with our crap. (I prep dinner on the 18 inches between the microwave and the pile of dirty dishes .)

I decided to chart the evolution of our countertop for one week. The first couple of days went alright, then I pulled out some sewing projects and crafts. Then the kids’ pictures from Penneys. The mail started to pile up, Candyland came out, all sorts of things migrated from the bathroom to the kitchen (??), and of course the usual stuff is still there, like cell phones, Moby’s wallet, and the kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste (because we aren’t like normal folks who would do that in a normal place like the bathroom).

So this is what happened….

Day One: Freshly cleaned.
Day Two: Not bad.
Day Three: This is where it all went to hell.
Day Four: It can't get worse, can it?
Day Five: I dare say it improved a little.
Day Six: Not better, but different crap.

Day Seven, Part 1: The worst is over.
Day Seven, Part 2: Freshly cleaned.....again.
Surely this is a phenomenon everywhere. I’m guessing the catch-all for most folks isn’t the size of a BED, though. What’s funny is that I remember doing weekly countertop cleanups when I was a kid, too. It all got sorted into three piles – my shit, my sister’s shit and mom and dad’s shit. And then it sat for a day or two while more stuff piled up around it. I’m pretty sure the same thing happened with the laundry. Funny, the things we remember.
Someday, I may tame the beast. The rest of the house gets a daily once-over so not sure why it doesn’t extend to the countertops (or the dining room table, now that I’m looking at it). Rest your minds, though. I’m not looking for solutions. Unless it’s a REALLY good one. If I wanted to, I could give my mother a ring-y-ding and she could come over with a basket for every purpose to cure all my countertop ills in one fell swoop. She never met a basket she didn’t like, though.

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