Homemade Noodles

Whole wheat noodles.

Hello again – it’s me, trying to return from the dead. After a LOOOOOOOONG month of estrogen poisoning (aka morning sickness), I’m slowly getting back on my feet, one small task at a time. I have much to share after quite a hiatus – I thought I would start with homemade noodles.

Despite feeling like a slightly undercooked corpse, we have had several Family Fun weekends. It has cheered me greatly to have my family visit. They were a welcome distraction in my darkest hours. As is customary with the Family Fun Weekends, of course we batch-cooked up something for all of us to share. I wasn’t much feeling like helping, so I perched myself at the kitchen counter under the influence of a Zofran and ginger ale cocktail and occassionally contributed something to the conversation, usually  answering the question, “Where is the ________?”

I got a Kitchenaid Mixer for Christmas. It’s silver and beautiful and I just might give it a name. The first thing I made in the mixer is frosting for Moby’s birthday cake (which, incidentally, is about the last thing I did before falling into the estrogen coma). Then my parents came over to try out their new meat grinder attachment and we learned a few things about the trajectory and velocity of beef blood. And since the Kitchenaid Mixer can prettymuch do everything, including nanny your children, the noodle making attachment soon became part of the family, too.

Now, I know making noodles is pretty easy if you have the right tools. And boy, do we have the right tools now. Flour, egg, water, dough hook, rest, flatten, rest, cut, dry. Done. We made both spaghetti and fettuccine. And of course made alfredo for supper to sample them. They were delicious!

Noodles. They smelled amazing.

We dried the noodles on the guest bed. It brought back fond memories of noodles spread out on the bed at my Grandma Maier’s house when I was a child.  Her noodles were narrower. I miss that woman like crazy.

Here are a few more photos from our Adventures in Noodle Making (and my mixer’s maiden voyage).

Down below the flattener.


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