It’s Not Garage Sale Season and I Needed a Solution – Extending the Life of Footie Jammies: A Picture Tutorial

I thought I was problem-solving; my Mother thought I was turning into THAT mom who, instead of buying my kid new pants, would just sew rikrak onto a worn hem.

Problem: Maris is overheating at night. Solution: Cooler jammies.

Problem: Maris doesn’t have any cooler jammies that fit. Solution: Cut off the feeties.

I’ve never actually done something quit so thrifty when it comes to my kids’ clothes. Normally, I would make a trip to Once Upon a Child or add it to the garage sale buying list, but I was feeling the need to sew something, and besides, it was snowing outside. Plus, in the end it didn’t cost me one extra dime, which is really the bottom line around here.

So follow along, here we go!

Materials: Outgrown footie jammies and an old, ratty t-shirt.

Cut off the feeties. Don’t worry, it only hurts a little.
Cut squares from whatever knit you choose. I used an old t-shirt. These squares are 6 X 6 and they will fit on size 2T pajamas. I’m doing 2 pairs so I need 4 squares.
Fold the square in half, right sides together if the difference is obvious, with the knit “lines” running the long way.
See the lines? They aren’t exactly straight, but if you don’t sew them this way the cuffs won’t stretch enough to get your kid’s fat feet through.
Now pull the tube through itself to make the cuff. The “right side” that was on the inside should now be on the outside and the cuff should be 2 layers thick.
Here are all 4 cuffs finished.

Fit the cuff onto the cutoff jammie leg, right sides together. The jammies stay right side out.