Here We Go!

Aaaah, spring! The budding lilac bushes, the slightly greenish lawns and trees, a reason to put away coats, the WIND. Oh, I almost missed you Mr. Wind.

I don’t really have a favorite season because each season has it’s own perks. For example, I love winter because I can stay inside all day long without judgment. Fall is a lovely end to the oppressive heat when I get tired of summer. Summer is when I accomplish the most INDOORS because the kids are OUTSIDE. But spring brings that little something extra – that life renewal gobble-ty gook and that zest to accomplish all the crap that sat undone all winter. Which is firmly squelched about 2 weekends into a couple of “projects.”

Thankfully, I don’t ever really lose excitement over planting stuff.

I posted earlier about my garden plans for this coming year when I shopped a couple of gardening catalogs with some great coupon promotions. I will likely need to consult that post again to make sure I plant everything. Most of my seeds have arrived in the mail, so it’s just waiting for good weather now.

Starting seeds.

I started both green peppers and jalepeno pepper seeds just a couple of weeks ago. I’m trying something new where I used a milk jug to create a greenhouse effect. Actually really pleased with the results of that experiment, other than bits and pieces of my experiment accidentally went to curbside recycling, oh, about one day before I was ready to get started. I should not procrastinate so much. The jalepenos are doing beautifully. I buy about 3 jalepenos a year, so not sure what I’m going to do with all these plants. Hoping the green peppers do well also. I froze enough for the entire year last fall and hope to do the same again this year.

Oh, about the milk jugs. Rinse it out, cut off the top, poke holes in bottom, fill with dirt, plant seeds, water, then tape the top back on. Water through the hole in the top. Remove top when plants outgrow the jug.

Perhaps even more exciting than watching plants grow is that 6 of my 9 raspberry bushes are HERE, which means it’s decision time. Time to decide what part of the lawn is getting a hack-job this weekend. I’m thinking something full sun. I have a spot in mind and I’ll probably break my back trying to dig it up. Or Moby will. The plants are one-year canes and aren’t expected to produce any berries this year, but should be berry-rific next year. I can hardly wait!

Heirloom Raspberries



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