It’s Done

From 800 little pieces to one big thing, not any thanks to me.

It is done.

The instructions said we could complete the swing set in 4-8 hours with 2 people. Yeah, maybe  in 4-8 hours a day for 4-8 days with 4-8 people constructing. And we even had power tools.

The kids have Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Troy to thank for this contraption. And of course me to thank for paying the cashier at the store. Yes, yes, you’re welcome.

Both girls love the slide. It’s quite entertaining to watch Maris hesitate then Hillary pushes her down at that very moment. The look of surprise when she lands at the bottom never gets old. Maris also drools when she swings. Must be relaxing.

Now, our next project is teaching Hillary to swing herself. I’d put money on Maris learning first.

I expect to get many, many years of good use out of the swing set.


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