What You Can Do In An Hour – Inaugural Post

WAAAAAY back when I first concocted this silly little idea for a blog, one of the first “features” that came to mind was, “What  You Can Do In An Hour,” a series of posts quite literally devoted to what you can do with one uninterrupted hour.

I’ve come up with quite a few IDEAS for this series, but oddly enough, Posting A Blog On The Subject isn’t one of them.

So tonight we dive in, feet first. Maybe even literally!

What can you do in an hour? You can turn 4 pairs of holey leggings into 4 pairs of biker shorts for a little girl.

Thank goodness for cropping. My enormous pregnant belly made it into this picture.

How is this accomplished in just one hour, you say?

First, you have to raid the pants drawer on clean laundry day, then you have to find your sharpest pair of scissors (and if your organize as well as I do, this could quickly turn into a 90 minute project).

Cut off pants, evenly if possible, about 2 inches above the holes in the knees. Find your sewing pins. If they aren’t in the same place as your sharpest scissors, or if you think you might have to rearrange all the junk under your stairs to find them, then you can add another 30 minutes to an hour for each “interesting” thing you find and have to stop and look at in your quest for pins.

If you happen to have pins handy, turn the shorts inside out and pin the hem evenly, if possible. Now get out that sewing machine. Is the idea of just buying biker shorts starting to seem really appealing? This is where things got hairy for me because my sewing machine was somewhat on the fritz and I had to diagnose and repair the problem. It was a pure Act of God that I found the problem on the very first try. Your mileage may vary.

Now, if you don’t have your sewing machine owner’s manual handy and if you don’t know exactly which stitch you want to use for a knit fabric, you should probably just quit right now and head to the store. There’s no hope for you.

If everything is going well for you, sew the hem. I used a straight stitch meant for knits and was feeling so totally high on life because of all that money I wouldn’t have to fork over for biker shorts that I completely threw caution to the wind and didn’t even match my thread to the shorts. After all, they are just meant to wear under a dress to cover undies, right? (In looking back at the photo, I can also see that I threw caution to the wind on stain pre-treater, too.)

If you’ve made it this far and you have all the biker shorts a little dress-loving girl could ever want, now’s the time to make her model them. Depending on her level of sauciness, you might have general cooperation, or you might have a meltdown first class. I got lucky and she tried every pair on for me…..at the same time, all layered up. (Then she stripped completely and decided to wear something else. GIRLS!)

When all was said and done, I had 4 new pairs of biker shorts for Hillary to mix & match with, as she said to me today, “only 3 clean dresses left to wear.” Oh, the tragedy. I figure that same hour could be translated into a trip to Target and the expension of at least $20 for the shorts. Except when I go to Target it’s $20 for what was on the list, plus another $20 for everything that wasn’t. Plus, my children turn into another species when we go to Target, so even if this had turned into a 5 day project I would have gladly done it to avoid that hot mess.

There you have it – What you can do in an hour.


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