When Life Gives You A Full Size Bed & All You Have Are Twin Sheets….

Seriously, that’s all this is about. We moved Hillary into a full-sized bed and needed another set of sheets.

So I Frankensteined a set out of twin sheets.

Here we have 2 specimens of perfectly good, new condition twin sized kid-themed sheets. One set was a gift and the other set I bought for $6 at Target on clearance.

I took the two fitted sheets and spread them on each side of the bed and used a sharpie to mark the approximate center of the bed on both ends of each sheet. Then I took to the floor and cut a roughly straight line following the pattern on the sheet. After tacking down the elastic I’d cut into on one of ths sheets, I applied right sides together, sewed a mostly straight line along the rough edges – fitted sheet done.

For the top sheet, I laid out a full-sized flat sheet and put the two twin sheets atop of it, measured the approximate center and cut off the excess on each sheet. Right sides together, one big giant long straight stitch and the top sheet was done. Except I decided to fold over the seam and apply a zig zag stitch to keep it from unraveling. Here’s a picture of that detail:

Showing both front and back of sheet at the seam.

And that’s prettymuch it. I put it on the bed and Hillary thought it was kinda weird, then kinda cool. No matter what she thinks it is, I’m happy to get more mileage out of 2 perfectly good sheet sets.

Here’s the final product:


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