Wanna Pumpkin?


See that? ^ ^ ^

That’s a pumpkin blossom. I must have 50 of them, but this one is the prettiest. It catches my eye every morning when I stand there half-awake staring at my lovely garden.

Yes, looking at my garden is the first thing I do every single morning. I stand up from the bed, peek out the window to admire my handiwork, and then get on with my day. Because I am awesome!

And the pretty little pumpkin flowers make me smile. They aren’t “too tired” or generally sassy like the 2 Little Things that are next on my morning agenda.

I was walking around the garden earlier this week (again, because I like to admire my handiwork and pat myself on the back) and noticed all these viney things sticking out between the tomatoes and corn and weaving through the onions and everything else in their way. All I could think was, “That seed packet was wrong.”

The pumpkins are out of hand. I grabbed a seed packet on a whim, thinking we could grow a few for the kids to decorate for Halloween.

I’ll be giving away my extra pumpkins. Get yourself signed up for one!


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