14 Burp Rags, Ready for Newborn Barf
 I *LOVE* boy fabric. I’ve been hoarding a small stash for years waiting for someone to have a boy. I guess that someone is ME!!! If you do any fabric hoarding whatsoever, you know what it’s like to sit in the middle of the floor with fabric sprawled around you while you try to decide what to do with it. Oh, you don’t hoard fabric? Well, I’m sorry to hear that. These burp rags were an easy project. They are flannel on one side, modal on the other. Modal is an absorbant, super-soft knit in the rayon family. I bought a giant modal sheet for $1 at the thrift store. The burp rags are just turned & top-stitched. I’m not exactly hoping this little guy is a spitter, but I am excited to test them out.


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