Not For Your Messy Spaghetti Face

This would be somewhat of a continuation of my last post  on the cutest burp rags ever!

How about some new coordinating cloth napkins??

It all started when I picked up the yellow floral print at Joann’s last week. I was totally in love with it’s vintage feel and knew it would be the source of inspiration for my napkin theme. It took me, quite literally, 6 minutes to pick out the rest of the prints from a LOOOONG rack of fat quarters. They called to me, one by one, until I ran out of coupons.

The kids rather enjoy playing with any and all fabric I bring home and this was no exception. They laid the pieces out on the floor and did nothing and everything for one whole night. With fabric. Who knew?

I was able to get everything washed, cut and sewn over the next few nights. They are topped with regular cotton, backed with the same Modal as the aforementioned burp rags. Turned, top-stitched, all that jazz. Soft, beautiful, too perfect for use.

But of course, the kids couldn’t WAIT to use them. On food-covered, sticky, messy hands. Oh, they were too pretty to muss up with cream of wheat and I cringed when I wiped off my gravy-covered finger. Mmmmm….Dairy Queen.

I’m being irrational, of course, because we own a washing machine that does a heck of a job, but I’m not sure how long I can hold off a spaghetti dinner for the sake of napkins. Lord help my head not spin as the sauce-covered children rub themselves clean with my pretty new napkins.


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