Garden Update: August 18, 2012

Since I now waddle around like I have a corn cob up my rear, I thought it would be fitting to talk about the corn harvest from our garden. Excellent connection, don’t you think?

The back story on the corn is that I ordered it on a whim, never having grown it before. I didn’t actually figure it would grow. Not sure why, just hadn’t really considered it on a small scale. I only grew 3 or 4 rows of it.

It grew fine for not being a large scale operation. I’m such a dummy, though, because I was really surprised to learn that a corn plant only yields one or two ears of corn each. What an incredible waste of greenery! Surely something that big could be pumping out 8-10 ears easily, no?


I harvested a sum total of 22 ears of corn. If it hadn’t been so delicious I would have been truly deflated by such a small amount.

The kids did most of the corn harvest under Grandpa Joe’s supervision….

In other news, we’re up to 119 tomatoes harvested. I’m freezing most for now until I feel like canning. Speaking of freezing, we moved our freezer inside the house today (from the garage) and I’m exceedingly excited about that.

Oh, and my previous post on pumpkins – yeah, only 5 grew in the end when the plant got some root rot. I guess I learned something there, huh? Lots of cantaloupe, though.

Here are some pictures of our gardening adventures….

Child of the corn.
Helping Grandpa pick out the rest of the good dill.
Stuffing her face with strawberries.
A giant, juicy mel-lone.
Kids in gardens are adorable. Especially this curly sue.


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