The Loneliest Pepper

The Loneliest Pepper

Once upon a time, there was a gardener who lovingly planted 30 pepper plants in the spring. She watered them with care and nurtured them until they grew large enough to live outside. She took them outside to breathe the fresh air and a few days later got down on the ground and planted the 12 strongest plants with gentle hands and a drink of cool water.

And then Mother Nature said, “Kiss my ass,” and they all died except for 3 plants.

The 3 living plants looked sad and weak all summer, even with fertilizer and lots of water. Then one bright day in September, the gardener, who had lost all hope in the plants, carefully checked them over for any signs of blooming. And there, inside the heartiest plant (or is that hardiest?), grew one small pepper. In her joy, she called her young daughters over to see this marvelous thing that had survived despite the odds. The girls shared the gardener’s joy and solemnly admired the small, lonely pepper.

The gardener warned her daughters not to touch this pepper, as it was a sign of hope for all of pepper-kind.

And then, as the gardener turned her back for the briefest of moments, the littlest daughter plucked that little pepper from it’s happy little home and held it up with pride for all to see.

The gardener was horrified and said to no one in particular, “That little shit.”


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