Keepin’ It Real

I started this blog a couple of years ago with a vision for how I wanted it to be, what I wanted to talk about and share, and about a million ideas ready to burst out of my head. My vision and actual reality have not turned out to be even close to the same thing.

Turns out, though I love baking and crafts and all sorts of really good blog-worthy topics, my spare time is dominated by a lot of things not remotely related to blogging. Mostly working and parenting and housekeeping and trying to sneak in some real quality time with the kids. And in my spare, spare time, I am compelled to work on those things in life that produce tangible results, NOT producing a new post about those things in life that produce tangible results.

After many years of exponentially increasing responsibilities, I am stepping back. Re-evaluating what is really important and what is fluff. Reflecting on the less desirable aspects of myself and finding ways to make change. I’ve come to a few conclusions….

Relationships are everything. Family is everything. I want to look back on my life and remember the things we did as a family, the time I spent encouraging and supporting others, and all those times we laughed till we cried, not the hours I spent keeping the house.

Less is more. I have never found anything to be so powerfully true for myself and my family. I am actively pursuing a life minimized in both commitments and possessions and am enjoying how it’s turning out so far. By having and doing less, I am able to step out of the fog of survival and actually live a little in these long days with little ones.

Small goals, slow and steady. I am amazed by what I have been able to accomplish in a short period of time by breaking an astronomically large task down into very, very tiny pieces.

Do only what you enjoy. I am frequently asked how I find the time to do certain things that most wouldn’t consider doing themselves in this day and age. I have heard it so many times that I began to question my desire to do those things, too. Every single thing I do, I do because I enjoy it. It’s that simple.

Know, in this moment, what’s important. Sometimes, in the overtired haze, it’s hard to know exactly what direction I should divert my attention. But I am working on being aware of the most important thing in every situation and making sure whatever it is, is getting everything it needs from me in that moment.

In the process of formulating a new life philosophy, things like photographing my latest craft project and sharing it with the masses suddenly became less important.

After I make sure I am doing everything I need to be doing as a wife and mother, only then will I start blogging with regularity and purpose again. I want to write meaningful posts, if only meaningful to me. I want to capture moments in time for all of time. Though the subject matter may change, I will write again. Because I love to do it.


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