Finally, some time to post a little on my 2013 garden plans.

In the flower bed:

My mom thinned and rearranged all the perennials in the flower bed last fall. There are irises and lilies and tiger lilies and a bunch of other miscellaneous plants in there. I am soooo not a flower gardener, but fail as I may, I now consider it my personal challenge to raise flowers.

In the fruit beds:

NOTHING DIED. Okay, that’s not entirely true – the  birds ate my blueberry bushes down to little nubs, but I didn’t kill anything on my own. The strawberries are blooming already (ever-bearing variety) and the raspberries are two years old, which means they should produce berries this year.  The apple trees won’t be producing this year. One tree is so close, though. Maybe next year.

In the main garden:

My dad & I added onto the main garden, essentially doubling the size. The dirt arrived earlier this week and my mom, dad and me hauled a little over half of it into the garden today. We’ll get a little peat moss and some fertilizer to till into it. I am planting late this year (June 8), but it’ll be fine.

What am I planting?

Green beans, peas, bush cucumbers, sweet corn, potatoes, onions, pumpkins, carrots, green peppers, misc hot peppers, and of course several varieties of tomatoes. And probably something else, but all that shoveling and wheel-barrow pushing has left me just too lazy to go look at my stack of seeds right now.

L-shaped garden bed behind the swing set. About 400 square feet.
L-shaped garden bed behind the swing set. About 400 square feet.

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