A New Beginning

I do believe winter is over.

Safe to say?

We planted our garden late this year. On June 8th. A wet, wet June 8th.

We spent a bit of time this spring doubling our garden footage to just about 400 square feet. We were getting enough out of just 200 square feet, but  I wanted to plant more variety. I want to start thinking about small-scale self-sufficiency, so I concentrated more effort this year on fruits and vegetables everyone enjoys.


Tomatoes, including Roma, Big Boy, Early Girl, Amish and one I can’t recall right now.

Bell Peppers

Hot Peppers

Red & Yellow Onions

Sweet Corn



Cucumbers (bush)

Multi-Colored Carrots


Green Beans



and Potatoes

We also have 3 apple trees, each of a different variety, a strawberry bed full of Ever-Bearing plants, and a small raspberry patch. The apple trees aren’t bearing fruit quite yet, though. The birds ate my 3 blueberry bushes last winter. Not sure if they will grow back. It’s not looking good.

It rained quite a bit this weekend so everything got out on the right foot. Only half of the garden is fenced to keep bunnies out. We have 2 bunnies living in our yard right now and we need to “remedy” the situation ASAP. Because 2 bunnies aren’t 2 bunnies for long….

So now we wait….the anticipation is killing me already!!


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