Here It Comes

Planted 10 days ago.

I’m super pleased with how the garden is looking already this year. This photo was taken about 10 days after the garden was planted. It’s been a full 2 weeks now and, with the exception of a row of finicky carrots, I have almost 100% germination. It’s amazing what a couple of good rains will do for the plants. I had a few things fail last year, so it’s encouraging to see everything behaving as it should this year.

I lost one pepper plant and my red onions aren’t looking too happy, but everything else is looking terrific.

I don’t know if all gardeners do this, or if it’s just me, but I walk around my garden and just admire it almost every single day. I really enjoy seeing every plant’s progress, even small change, from day to day. In doing this daily ritual, I already noticed there are bugs munching on my bean leaves, one row of potatoes was planted a little deeper than the rest, and the row of “popping corn” was the first to poke through. And marigolds love rain. No amount of regular watering seemed to perk those up, but the rain made them very, very happy.


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