For $10, It Had To Come Home With Me


I dropped the kiddos off at Grandma & Grandpa’s house today to go shopping for food. I decided to make a quick stop at the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift Store while I was out & about since it had been many months since I last stepped foot into one. Alone.

I rounded the corner in the very back of the store and there it was.  This quilt. A quilt of my dreams, all vintage-y and floral and OH, it had to come home with me. That is, if it wasn’t too expensive. I’d have paid up to $40 for it, but it was just $10. TEN DOLLARS FOR A HANDMADE QUILT! At that price, I was practically stealing it from the store!

I had to throw elbows as I approached the checkout counter. Women were flocking to my find. Green with envy, they were, that I found it before them. (It reminded me of the time I saw a woman walking around the thrift store with a giant stainless steel bowl, and I stalked her until she put it down and left. Then I nabbed it.)

But no one wrestled it out of my arms and it came home with me. It’s already been washed, dried and applied to my bed. I can’t stop looking at it. In fact, I think now I’ll go snuggle under it.


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