An Open Letter to my Third Child


Dear Bryce,

You are one year old today.

One year ago today, I was begging my nurses to deliver you without the doctor. You were born on a Thursday afternoon. You were huge. Almost 10 pounds.

You were the most easy going baby I had ever met. You had to be.

It’s been a crazy year. Not easy, certainly not easy. But it’s been wonderful. So wonderful that I have not had time to put together a baby book for you. I apologize for that. I can’t even promise I will ever put one together for you. (If it makes you feel any better, Maris’ is only partially finished.)

Bryce, you were a surprise baby, given to us by God. I am so thankful for you. Who would have known the chaos of being outnumbered by children would bring so much joy!

This is what I have learned by having you in our family, Bryce:

1. Children are a gift from God. I have always known this, but God’s plan for our family was different than mine when you came along, making you, quite literally, a gift from God. I believe God has special plans for children He gives us, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for you.

2. I have learned realistic expectations. Perhaps better known as planning for the worst and hoping for the best. When I should have been afraid of having 3 small children all at once, I was excited. When I should have been worried that someone would always feel left out, I was elated that I would have all these kids to hug and snuggle and comfort and teach.

3. I learned how to pray. Because God knows it’s not easy to be a mom. I have to pray for patience, strength, mental fortitude, and more patience. I pray constantly for you and your sisters. Yes, I even sometimes pray that you will sleep all night. Thankfully, God is answering that prayer more and more these days.

4. For the first time in my life, I have learned how to live in the moment. Our new normal was so remarkably different than any previous versions of normal. I discovered that all I wanted to do was be with my little family as much as possible, and immerse us in the simple pleasures.

While I don’t have a baby book or a thousand pictures of your infancy to give you someday, I do have a boatload of love for you, my sweet Bryce. My boy, my bucky, my buddy, my Bryce, Bryce Baby. I never thought I would have a son, but here you are lighting up my life like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

All my love,


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