The Rush

It’s that most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas…..HARVEST TIME! I’ve got tomatoes, hot peppers, pumpkins, and a tasty second harvest of peas all coming out at the same time. This is why I garden. Because the end result is so much fun.

Then I realize, “Oh crap, I have to freeze or can all this stuff.” I enjoy canning very much, but it never fails that the same exact moment my tomatoes are ready with no hope of holding out another day that I also have other things I need to do. Like scrub baseboard. Or rearrange the spice cupboard. Or match up socks.

I have quite a bit of salsa leftover from last year and about 6 months worth of spaghetti sauce. My tomato harvest is also smaller this year, so I’ll just be filling in gaps. Pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, chili base and perhaps one obligatory batch of salsa. Or two.

I canned 35 half pints of pizza sauce yesterday and roasted 4 pumpkins and their seeds (and tinkered around in my garden somewhere in between). The pizza sauce recipe is pretty simple….lightly sauté 2 full heads of chopped garlic, add about 30 cups of chopped tomatoes, cook until it thickens and reduces a bit. Add 12 teaspoons of Italian seasoning. I also added 2 small cans of tomato paste to help thicken it, but it’s not always necessary.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s “Garden Day.”

New potatoes
What a beautiful tomato!
Roasted pumpkin seeds
A lovely fall spread.

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