Counting Stars

It’s come to my attention that I don’t post often enough on my blog. Truth be told, our laptop is angry and it’s giving us fits. Among other things, it is useless as a portable device, as the battery is shot, and the driver for the screen is upset about something. I think it’s just mad because we have at least 3 other computer-like devices in this house and it doesn’t get the attention it used to get. All it does now is pay bills. How boring is that?

But onto something new and fun.

Instead of New  Year’s Resolutions, I chose a theme for the year. My theme is ‘start’ this year. I’ve been dreaming about putting a learning center in our home for forever. It almost happened before Maris was born, but it didn’t. And then you know what happened after that. So certain things got put on hold a bit longer. The fog is clearing, though. We are emerging from survival  mode, and I intend to get a few things done around here.

Enter the stars. Just a little jar of painted stars. Good for counting and sorting, right? Well, that. And a whole bunch of other things I wouldn’t have guessed. Kids are clever.

I got the idea to paint some stars in the middle of a blizzard. I forged a path to Joann’s and shopped for 20 minutes before they closed due to weather, forged a path home, got out my soy paints and went to work on these stars. It only took about an hour to paint a rainbow of them. They dried overnight and the kids found about 50 different ways to play with them the next day. It was amazing.


Just a little jar of stars.
One half pint, to be exact.
A sampling of the rainbow.
Stacking patterns.
How high can she stack them? Spoiler alert: not much higher.
Even the boy likes them…when he’s not trying to eat them.


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