Valentine’s Day

I can’t decide how I feel about Valentine’s Day. A holiday solely dedicated to love, or more pointedly, romance. I don’t need a day for romance, blah, blah, blah….I’m 10 years into a relationship with my husband and we’re just so happy that we are alive and our children are alive at the end of a loooooong day that ‘romance’ is clinging to one another for dear life praying we make it through the next day.

But. Yes, but.

But sometimes I think it’s nice to have a day carved out where we up the ante a little. More hugs, more kissing, more cuddles. Because that doesn’t lead to more babies or anything.

I much prefer to think of Valentine’s Day as holiday to simply show others love. You don’t need to be in a relationship to share love with someone. Valentine’s Day, for me, is a reminder to let my love shine.

Our Valentine’s Day involved 3 very tired, very cranky kids, Dairy Queen, and construction paper. Instead of trying to out-romance one another, my husband made a mad dash for fast food to quell the angst, then when blood sugars were stabilized, we whipped out the Valentine’s crafts and chocolate and had some fun with the kids.

And this happened:

Valentine’s for Hillary’s Kindergarten class, colored by Hillary herself! She worked on these for 2 weeks.
A little fun and games for daycare friends.
Hearts in a mason jar


Tempting for little hands.
Handfuls of family love



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