Learning At Home

As someone with an insatiable curiosity about the world and everything in it, I have always wanted to set up an area to teach my children at home. In another life, I might be a home schooler, but in this life I am settling for part-time enrichment, following cues as the kids show interest in things. I actually think most parents do this. But I have a blog and I like to share.

I set out this new year to get a learning area prepared for the kids. I have a small collection of workbooks, a good stack of printable activities, a full arsenal of art supplies, and I used their Christmas money to pick up some hands-on learning toys and games. As I began assembling our learning stuff (for real, not just in my mind), it was hard not to get carried away. My Pinterest board can attest to that.

I recently posted on a learning activity that the kids just loved – just a small jar of painted stars. The possibilities have been endless – just yesterday they were cookies and pan-a-cakes.

I wanted to share some of other things that are keeping them busy.

Water color crayon art. She recently had a unit at school on Jesus’ disciples as fishers of men. Her art tends to follow her school work. This picture is on display at Grandma’s house.
More watercolor crayon art. Here you see the disciples in the boat, waiting for Jesus to call to them.
Play-doh and cookie cutters.
Even my 9 year old niece loves Play Doh. She also has a positive self-image.
Playing with beads. Just jars, beads, and a tray to keep it contained.
Pattern blocks. 2D was fun, but 3D is better, right?
Magnetic letters in a metal dump truck. Anything to get letters into my 3 1/2 year old’s hands.
Making octagons with pattern blocks.
Making a caterpillar – I couldn’t believe how precise she wanted all the blocks to line up on the paper.
One way or another, she’s going to learn her alphabet.
Gatorade caps mod podged with numbers for counting animals.
Free painting with soy paints.
Free painting with soy paints.


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