Easter is Coming and I Had an Hour

Whipped up something fun today….hooded bath towels!

I figured, hey, we need new towels and the Easter Bunny is coming soon, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

Our Easter Bunny is known for boring gifts. Apparently, he makes a mental note of all the things the kids have started to need since Christmas and works off of that list. He brings things like pajamas and sippy cups.  And towels. And 3-5 gratuitous peanut butter cups to make up for the disappointment. I was also kind of hoping he’d bring a laminating machine this year, too.

I let the kids pick their own colors, under the guise that I was buying them for someone else. Orange? Really, Maris?

These towels are so easy to make. I whipped up all 3 in about an hour, and that included a diaper change, cleaning up a whole bowl of Fruity Pebbles off the floor, reloading the bobbin on the sewing machine, and saying, “Hands off,” about 45 times in the 13 minutes it took to do the actual sewing.

For this project, I purchased 3 bath towels and 2 hand towels at Target. They are the Target brand RE, and my total cost was about $15. Since each hand towel is cut in half and attached to a bath towel, it probably would have made more sense to buy 4 bath towels because now I have half a hand towel with no purpose in life. 


At any rate, the towels will fill up the Easter baskets nicely. Like literally fill them up. I’ll round them out with some peanut butter cups and a new toothbrush or something and we should be good to go.

A pretty stack of hooded bath towels, all ready to go.




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