Art & Learning at Home

Here is a peek at the kids’ most recent art projects and learning fun.


Pushing ribbon into a ball. She tired of this quickly, much preferring to pull them out.
Little boy enjoyed pulling ribbons out of the ball, too.
Pulling ribbons out.
This is one of the best toys we ever got. It’s a Melissa and Doug birthday cake set and it’s seen some serious mileage. Maris loves to put it together and serve it.
A magnetic movable alphabet. I was so excited to get this for the kids. We have only played with it a few times, as it has so many pieces. I am working on ideas for how to use it.


Maris & I found an alphabet page in a workbook and she traced the letters, then placed the lowercase plastic letter over the letter on the paper. Here she is working with her left hand, but she frequently uses her right hand also.
Hillary working 3-letter consonant-vowel-consonant words with the movable alphabet.
More consonant-vowel-consonant 3 letter words. She did all 35 picture cards and only got 2 wrong, so I need to find something more difficult for her.
Maris doing pre-writing practice. She really loves these for some reason. Here she is using her right hand, but working right to left.
She is a color whiz!


Stacking Magna Tiles while half-asleep. 🙂
Hillary traced shapes onto colored paper, then cut them out and refashioned them into these animals. Top left: Maris’ bird. Top right: Hillary’s bird. Bottom: Alligator.
Masking tape and watercolors to create a sunset. Hillary’s is on top, mine on the bottom. I should know better than to do the same crafts as the kids because Hillary always tries to compare hers to mine.
While reading the last 2 chapters of Matilda before we needed to return it to the library, Hillary drew this. She has a book that shows her how to draw simple animals. She drew a monkey, then filled in the picture around it. The depth of her drawing has increased leaps and bounds in the last 6 months or so.
Hillary writing a story. She drew the pictures, then wrote a story with my help spelling.




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