A Sweet Little Book

Writing a tiny book.

I recently had the privilege of spending a Saturday with a lovely young lady. She is 9 1/2 years old.

I love it when she comes over because, not only does she play nicely with my kids, but she also helps me around the house. It’s almost a guarantee that she will say, “What are you doing now? Can I help?” at one point during her visit. I want to trade one of my less polite children for her, but we can’t seem to reach a deal.

When she comes over, I don’t usually have to keep her busy. But I was feeling particularly motivated and put together some activities for all the kids to do together. We planted some seeds, then I whipped up some tiny little blank books for them to write and illustrate.

My young visitor wrote a little book for my littlest kids to learn their colors. Oh, how she melts my heart.

This is her book:

Red. Orange.
Red. Orange.
Yellow. Green.
Yellow. Green.
Blue. Purple. Purple Plumps. :)
Blue. Purple. Purple Plumps. 🙂
Of course, she would end with fanfare.
Of course, she would end with fanfare.



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