Show & Share: Baby Quilts!

I haven’t been to a baby shower in quite awhile.  Imagine my delight when I was invited to a shower for THREE babies at one time!

The blessed event occurred just last night, so now I can share the gifts I made for the new bundles of joy. The shower was terrific! I very much enjoy the company of my coworkers outside of work. And the babies…..OH, THE BABIES! I love holding babies! And they smelled so delicious and made sweet faces and cooed and cried, and then I was happy to give them back.  You see, I just exited the baby phase for the first time in a LOOOOOOOONG time, and I now live vicariously though others, my preferred method of contact with newborns. It’s like graduating to the grandparent stage, except people still get to say to me, “Wait till you have teenagers!”

Sidenote: I am now requiring that at least 5 of my Facebook friends be pregnant at any given time. My quota is not currently filled and I’m not happy about it!

I could have hit up a registry or gifted an item I loved when I had new babies, but I decided to sew some simple no-bind baby quilts. Because I was itching to go fabric shopping. Some women shop for shoes, I take great joy in shopping for fabric.

I came home with some lovely pieces of fabric and this is what happened:



Teal and gray owls/gray chevron


White whales on navy/navy polka dots on green


Owl cowboys/masculine stripe









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