Art & Learn: March 2014

Here is a peek at a couple of our March art & learning experiences. The kids have been swinging between a TV phase and trying to get outside more in the slightly warmer weather, and we have been intensely focused on reading lately, but we still managed to squeeze in a couple of fun activities.

Shrinky Dinks!
Close up of the crayons…just playing with my camera.
A little sensory play with oatmeal. I thought this might be less messy than flour. It’s not.
One night, almost right at bedtime, they wanted to do worksheets. Maris is coloring a puzzle, Hillary doing a graphing activity.
Math flashcards and Unifix cubes. Poor thing was coming down with a cold, but she did a couple of handfuls of flashcards with me.


Plain old drawing. With cousins for added fun.

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