Simple Little Easter Things

Even though it is late this year, Easter snuck up on me. This wouldn’t be a problem if it hadn’t turned into another commercialized holiday, but now it’s tradition so we just run with it…on a small scale, as though allowing the commercialization of a religious holiday on small scale is better than any other scale.

Easter is my favorite religious holiday. It’s like the no-pressure Christmas, with better hymns and saltier food. Tomorrow we will go to church, sing all my favorite songs mixed in with a couple dozen “He is risen. He is risen indeeds!”, eat the church-provided breakfast, then unleash the kids to find 100 plastic eggs at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Egg hunts were the highlight of my childhood Easter, too.

In honor of Easter sneaking up on me, the kids did a last-minute Easter craft: painting blown eggs. I’ve been blowing eggs for a few weeks as I use them here and there, deciding that a dozen eggs was plenty after a lot of breakage and other egg-related mishaps. Less is more, right? I particularly like this craft because it was suitable for both my 3 and 6 year old, and I didn’t have to buy anything special. We used Delta Soy Paint, which creates a lovely matte finish.

A bowl-ful of pretty painted eggs.
A bowl-ful of pretty painted eggs.


Flag, rainbow, faces, and a couple of "tired-of-painting-polka-dot."
Flag, rainbow, faces, and a couple of “tired-of-painting-polka-dot.”


In other Easter news, my husband and I seemed to be at an impasse regarding the usage of plastic grass in Easter baskets. He votes yes. I vote No, No, 1000 times no. I get it. I really do. I loved digging through plastic grass to find jelly beans in my Easter basket, too. But plastic grass is messy, it’s plastic, non-recyclable, non-biodegradable, and isn’t great for the 3-and-under crowd in our house. I guess we just have one of those left now. But still. Conditions are ripe for choking on a jelly bean or a piece of wayward plastic.

So I came up with an alternative…

Robin Eggs on a bed of crinkled paper.
Robin Eggs on a bed of crinkled paper.


Robin Eggs!
Robin Eggs!


Problem solved. We have Easter candy, we have something grass-like, we have a reusable container. I folded the paper accordion-style, then ran it through the paper shredder, stuffed it in the jar, then topped with Robin Eggs.  Done!

I’m guessing this will be breakfast tomorrow morning.

May the love of Jesus be with you this Easter and always!



One thought on “Simple Little Easter Things

  1. I ditched the plastic grass a couple of years ago, too. Vacuum cleaners protest it also, no matter how many times you drive over it, you’re still going to have to bend over and pick it up. Happy Easter to you & your family!

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