Dyeing Eggs With Kool-Aid

Ah yes, the Easter tradition of dyeing eggs. The blessed event where small children dunk breakable objects into something that irreversibly stains fancy Easter attire. I want to know who invented this pastime and why it isn’t an “adults only” tradition like eating the cookies left for Santa.

I’m just kidding. It’s loads of fun for 2 adults to keep 4 kids from spilling all over themselves, the table, the floor, the other eggs, the wall, etc. Surely my Pinterest-savvy self would have already figured out how to make this a mess-free activity, no?

I guess not.

It’s a messy process, but the end result is so pretty!!

The cool thing about egg-dyeing is that eventually it’s over. You rush the dye cups off the table, breath a sigh of relief that they are in the safe confines of the sink, then admire your work for a couple of seconds before the kids suddenly become adventurous eaters and demand to try the eggs. Next thing you know the whole place stinks like bad bathroom and a pile of yolks and shells is forming, making what used to be a quaint spread of dyed eggs look a bit like the garbage disposal backed up all over the table.

I’m pleased to report we had no mishaps during our Easter Egg Dyeing Adventure.

My husband, whom I suspect to be a closeted Pinterest user, is the mastermind behind our egg dye. It’s just Kool-Aid, the kind that comes in the little packet. Genius! The colors are bright, it dyes the eggs quickly to a deep shade, and it smells delicious. We can’t quite get purple right, though.

These are the flavors we used to create our egg dyes. If you can’t find a certain flavor, look at the glass pictured on the packet to see what color Kool-Aid it will make. Mix each packet with about 2/3 cup of water in a cup. Stir, then let the egg dyeing begin!

Red ~ Cherry

Light Pink ~ Strawberry

Dark Pink ~ Pink Lemonade (plus a little Cherry)

Orange ~ Orange

Yellow ~ Lemonade (plus a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of Orange)

Green ~ Lemon-Lime

Blue ~ Berry Blue

Purple ~ Grape (adding a little Berry Blue makes black eggs, so I’m not sure I suggest this addition, but I’m also not sure what Grape looks like by itself)


Look at the bright colors! My 3 year old took this picture from her vantage point.

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