Since this IS a blog about gardening, I thought it was time for a new gardening post.

Things are happening in my garden. I can scarcely believe it used to be bare dirt just 6 weeks ago. With all the rain this year, I’ve been able to “set it and forget it” for quite awhile. The mosquitoes will eat you alive out there, but I braved the forces and tried to take some photos of things in bloom.

I love how different all of the blossoms are on each plant. My camera didn’t focus on every blossom exactly as planned, but that’s okay by me.

Grass going to seed. My garden has a bit of a grass problem. I’m trying to get used to it.
The dreaded zucchini. Beware or I’ll ring your doorbell and drop and 5-pound zucchini on your doorstep!
A cucumber flower beginning to curl up and make a cucumber.
A cucumber blossom. Love the fuzz on the plant.
Potatoes. It’s a sea of purple flowers out there right now!
Green beans – how cute are these little blossoms? They don’t even look like a flower.
Pea blossoms, like little butterflies.
Maybe not exactly the best photo, but I loved how this bean vined around a stalk of grass that had gone to seed.
Tomato blossom – the little yellow flowers make me so happy! And look at all that fuzz!!
Cayenne pepper blossom. Rather unassuming for such a spicy pepper, don’t you think?
A cluster of raspberry blossoms.
My favorite find – a strawberry blossom with blossom petals partially turned to strawberry leaves.
My second favorite – a tiny bee on the cayenne pepper blossom.


Everyone is happy out in the garden. Well, not everyone. The green peppers are being hateful again this year, but they may come around yet.

I am on the cusp of the first harvest.  Pea pods have formed, a couple of small zucchini and cucumbers are almost ready, and there are green tomatoes here and there. I can hard wait for that first taste straight out of the garden during an upcoming lunch hour!

With love, from the garden,

The Lunch Hour Gardener


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