Birthday Cakes

You may have noticed I’m on a bit of  a birthday kick. August is a big birthday month in our family. We have a birthday party almost every weekend, including two for my kids.

I believe strongly that everyone deserves a cake on their birthday, even insisting that someone bake me one for my birthday. Over the years, I’ve done a wide range of cakes, from simple to somewhat elaborate, depending on how much time I have to decorate.

I have go to recipes for chocolate cake and marshmallow creme buttercream frosting, and if someone requests it, I make homemade vanilla ice cream.

August is a busy time of year, so I made simple cupcake cakes for the kids this year. They were a huge hit.










Cupcakes make these cakes easy. I arranged them into the shape I wanted (the baseball cake required I cut a few cupcakes for the center portion), then piped frosting over the top. I attached the piping tips to ziploc bags for easy clean-up. I used ‘neon’ food coloring to dye the frosting on the flower cakes. I used the star-shaped tip for all the designs on the flower cakes, and the star for the white on the baseball and a flat tip for the baseball stitching. I traced the stitching onto the cake with a toothpick before going over it with frosting.

We don’t have any birthdays for a few months now, but I’ve already got an idea for the next birthday cake!


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