Happy Birthday



Happy Birthday to my Bryce Sunshine.

You are two years old now. I think that was the fastest any of you kids ever turned two. Years must be shorter when you have three kids.

Oh, Bryce, where do we begin? You smile the most, you laugh the most, and you certainly make the most noise.

I love you so much! Before you were born, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a boy after having two girls. Of course, you came along and I was in love. You were an easy baby, so it was easy to love you. What surprised me, though, was how different you are from your sisters.  You are all boy, from head to toe. You are my little bull in a china shop. You don’t sit still very much, so I cherish those rare moments you hop on my lap for a few minutes to snuggle.

My favorite thing about you is that you wake up with a smile on your face every single day. I can count on you to set the tone for the whole day with those little dimples of yours. I love to kiss your little cheeks and make sure I do it as often as you’ll let me.

You are loud, you talk all the time, you love your Daddy more than anything, you are clumsy, you seek comfort in your blankey and kitty, you make cars out of all your food, and you try more than anything to keep up with your sisters. You possess a certain evil eye and derive great pleasure from being naughty. It is very, very difficult to get angry with you because you make naughty look so dang cute. No lie.

You like to drive things around on the floor, play ball, and you love to push around your sisters’ pink shopping cart and your little lawn mower. You love to be outside, running up and down the sidewalk with your sisters, saying ‘hi’ to everyone you see. Grandpa is your second-favorite person in this world and you always ask where he is when Grandma comes in the door.

My only regret for you is that I cut off your curls. I’m sorry I did that, and I hope they grow back soon.

Two is going to be a big year for you. It’s going to be hard to keep up with you, but I won’t want to fall behind and miss seeing all those smiles.


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