Happiness in the Little Things: Round 4

It’s time for another round of happiness in the little things. It’s been awhile and it’s time for a little pick-me-up.

A larger-than-usual raspberry harvest, finally.
An artist’s hand-decorated running shoes.
Homemade jewelry.
Rainbow clothespins.
Proud of their very own cantaloupe. Shhhh, they think they grew it themselves….it was a volunteer from last year.
That moment when you realize you are a true blue gardener, as if there was doubt. But now we’re sure.
Tiny golf clubs.

All around us there’s these little things that happen every day. They are common, ordinary, unspecial.  But I find no greater joy than seeing beauty in those little things. They bring balance in this crazy, messed up world.

Here are the first three in my “Happiness…” series:

The Mind of a Child

More Happiness in the Small Stuff

Remnants of Childhood


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