New Toys

I love Fleet Farm. Fleet Farm sells everything. Everything. Because it’s out of the way, we only go there a couple of times a year, but when I walk into that store, I know I am surrounded by my people.

Canning season is about to descend on our kitchen, so it was time for a trip to Fleet Farm for supplies. And whatever else called to me while I was there.

I purposely didn’t take a cart or basket, as I knew it would increase my temptation to buy things I didn’t originally intend to buy. This was a good strategy on my part or else we would now be proud owners of a bird feeder, purple sparkle shoes, 12 plastic honey bear bottles, a pair of pajama pants, a decorative jar, and 10,000 square feet of freezer paper.

I didn’t exercise complete restraint. I had two things on my list and I bought three things.

Normally, my Fleet Farm purchases would not be all that interesting, but I added some new things to my Food Preservation Arsenal: Burlap sacks, BPA free canning lids, and fruit roll trays for my food dehydrator. Hmmm….now that I’ve written it out, I concede that these things may not be interesting.

I’m still excited. I won’t let your boredom in my Fleet Farm shopping trip get in my way.

BPA, a long-time hang-up for me, is no longer an issue. BPA-free lids are a huge win for me!
Fruit roll sheets for use in my food dehydrator. An impulse buy, if you will.
Burlap sacks getting a little air. They stink so badly, but they’ll be great for potato storage this winter.



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