The Beauty of Hitting the Bottom

So many things are making me happy these days. I struggle to be happy all the time, so this slight turn of events is certainly welcome.

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve felt a bit like a wandering soul for about a year, confused about a lot of things, struggling to do the important things well. I’ve been unable to sort out the chaos of work, home, kids, chores, and activities. I consider myself a minimalist and one who embraces simplicity, so it didn’t stand to reason that chaos reigned. My mind couldn’t reconcile the stress of failure with the everyday stress. There was no line between the big things and the small things. Everything was a big deal. Everything. I knew I’d hit my lowest point when I wanted to cancel my child’s birthday party because I couldn’t come up with a menu.

The beauty of hitting the bottom is realizing you have no choice but to admit defeat. No man is an island, after all.

The beauty of hitting the bottom is realizing there is but one direction to move: up.

And so I admit defeat, I call in my village, and we move forward. Upward. We grab those boot straps and pull. We fight and claw, not back to a place we used to be, but toward a new reality with a new set of rules because life shouldn’t be wasted trying to figure it all out on our own. It’s been a hard lesson.

This upward journey has only just begun for me. It will ultimately be a hard-won victory, but I will get there.

In the meantime, camera in hand, I’m still soaking up life’s little things.

This quilt. Oh, how I love this quilt. I will never tire of looking at this quilt.
This little girl wants to learn her letters so badly.
I was a little burnt out on BLT’s, so I’m thankful for a new way to enjoy garden-fresh tomatoes.
I never tire of taking pictures of stuff I’ve grown in my garden.
The girls reading the newspaper.
This has saved my sanity. Our weekly breakfast menu…though they’d eat cream of wheat every single day if I made it.
Minnesota is beautiful.
Color changing. Magnificent!
Playing games with my girl. Few things make her happier.
Potato harvest. This should get us through till spring. I’m very pleased!
The start of an upcycling project I’m very, very excited to give the kids for Christmas!
The most perfect pumpkin of all!
This book signifies hope for me.
No caption required. 🙂
I see the sun rise every single day on my drive to work. Some mornings they are more amazing than usual.

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