A Perfect Valentine’s Day Weekend

I thought I’d pop in and say hello. We had a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend, and I wanted to archive it here.

Hubby and I don’t get out much because our kids are still quite small and needy, making sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s anything but restful (for Grandma and Grandpa), so we try save our sleepover requests for on-the-verge-of-insanity occasions. The latest such occasion happened to fall on Friday, the day before Valentine’s Day. I was so excited to go out without children and sleep with all the lights off and not have to watch cartoons on Saturday morning that I lived one day ahead of myself most of the week and was very frustrated to find out that it was not Friday on Thursday and I still had a whole day to go before I could experience my long-overdue freedom.

Friday showed up (on schedule, I might add) and we left the house on a mission to experience as much fun as possible in one little evening.

We started downtown at the Vinyl Taco, which has some of the most flavorful food I’ve experienced in Fargo. We had been there before and I haven’t stopped craving it since. We had a lovely dinner of chips, salsa, assorted tacos and beers.

Up next was a little sight seeing at Creative Kitchen, a wonderfully overpriced kitchenware store. I bought a couple of items that Santa forgot, then lovingly eyed everything else, especially the le Creuset. I happen to own a very old le Creuset dutch oven (a $20 thrift store find) and for some reason the consumer in me thinks it needs another one. The price makes them easy to resist, but I’m still allowed to look at them and drool, as long as I clean up after myself. This is the point in the evening that hubby achieved knighthood. He never once complained that I was taking too long and, for some reason, had a lot to say about kitchenware. I’ve never been more in love than I was at that moment. He will now require that you call him Sir Moby. Catchy!

We headed back downtown for dessert at Nichole’s Fine Pastries. Fine indeed. Dangerously fine. Then went over to the Wurst Beir Hall, an interesting little restaurant that serves a lot of sausage. It was our virginal visit to the Wurst, and everyone recommended the Bavarian Pretzels, so Bavarian Pretzels we had. And some fancy beers. Mine was a pear beer. I think I could make a huge fool of myself if I had a lot of that at my disposal.

Being parents of young children, we aren’t very good at partying till the sun comes up anymore, so we ended our evening at a modest time. I’m pretty sure we both fell asleep watching TV in the living room…

In an amazing stroke of genius, I requested a noon pickup of our precious cargo (the kids) on Saturday. We slept in a little, then I popped some cinnamon rolls in the oven, and we decided which way the wind was going to blow us until noon.

Breakfast for two


It’s worth mentioning that it was really, really cold on Saturday. It would have been very, very easy to stay home, snuggle in, and do nothing. Or housework. You can get a lot of housework done without kids underfoot. I decided we would brave the cold and try a couple of thrift stores on for size. Nothing says “bonding experience” like looking through a bunch of used stuff for something interesting enough to bring home.

We found a couple of nice things…a new pair of girls tights for 2.00, a cool piece of fabric for 1.00, a piggy bank for 3.00, a couple of summer shirts for the 2 year old, and new socks for our care packages for the homeless project. The fabric was my favorite find. More on that later.

Alas, the hour came to pick up our children from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I was feeling refreshed and excited to see them, and had some fun planned for the afternoon of Valentine’s Day. A craft, if you will, and heart-shaped pizzas.

The girls and I made a heart pennant from coffee filters. We colored the coffee filters with markers, sprayed them with water, then let them dry before stringing them on colorful baker’s twine. They really enjoyed the spraying water part. They also spent about an hour in the shower with the spray bottle getting each other soaking wet earlier in the day. The best kid’s toys are not toys, I’m convinced.

Heart pennant hanging in the kids’ bedroom.


After a relaxing afternoon of relative familial bliss, we made heart-shaped pizzas. The kids love to build their own pizzas. They crowd around the counter, pushing and shoving to get closest to mom, fighting for the olives, yelling about an improperly placed pepperoni…good times. But they always turn out wonderful.

I got out of the way for pizza-making. Let’s put knives right there in front of the 2 year old
Heart-shaped, kind of.


A little later in the evening, my folks came over for some popcorn. The kind of popcorn that tastes better because I grew it myself and served it with a lot of butter. The perfect way to end a perfect Valentines Day.

Oh, I also sewed up this little play mat from the fabric I picked up at the thrift store. I’m definitely in love.



Front with back.


Back. I’ve been saving this piece of fabric for a LOOOOONG time, for the perfect project. I love the little scenes on the fabric.



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