30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Yesterday I wrote about irreplaceable things in my life, but it turns out there wasn’t anything I couldn’t technically replace. Even if I lost all my old photographs, I still have memories. When I chose the topic, “My Most Prized Possession,” I hadn’t realized I would learn something new about myself. I’ve always known I wasn’t that into “stuff,” but even if I lost it all, I still have my life and my family there with me. There is no greater possession than the humans that surround me.

Today’s topic:

Things to Do Before Dying

The first time I heard the word “bucket list,” I was a youngster with no concept of death. I thought it was something old people did in their dying days to make sure they went out with a bang. Unfortunately, life isn’t all roses and butterflies and eventually tragedy creeps in, sometimes directly and sometimes by association, but it molds one’s concept of life and death pretty damn quickly. I realized I wasn’t invincible around 30 years of age and have assembled a small list of things I’d like to do before dying.

In no particular order, my bucket list:

1. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

2. Learn to play the guitar or violin.

3. Travel to Rome.

4. Visit Washington D.C. with my father.

5. Ride a zip line.

6. Start a charity.

7. Camp on a sandy beach and watch the sun rise from the door of the tent.

8. Learn to shoot a gun.

9. See New York City.

10. Run a 5K.

11. Own a tiny, primitive cabin in the woods.

12. Watch a professional golf tournament from the golf course.

Now I need to decide where to start!!

Tomorrow’s topic: My Last Meal




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