30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 6

In the spirit of moving forward, I thought the most appropriate topic to follow a bucket list would be my last meal on earth.

My Last Meal

I grew up in a house of bland, plain food. To this day, you have to pull the salt shaker out of the back of the spice cupboard at my mom’s house if you want to perk up your food. My tastes changed dramatically when I entered the wide, wide world of feeding myself. I could buy my very own sugared cereal! I could eat ragingly spicy food! Never again would I have to endure a fish stick or a hamburger with onions in it! I could eat a runny egg! I ATE SUSHI!

But on my last day on earth, I would only want my mom’s cooking. A whole buffet of it.

Knepfla and sausage, chicken noodle soup, meatballs, tator tot hotdish, blueberry muffins from a box, home-canned chicken (and the gizzards!), the end pieces from the weird-shaped bread machine bread, calico beans, cheese buttons, pigs in a blanket, caramel rolls, scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, and, yes, even cupcakes with almost no frosting.

And also, plain spaghetti noodles covered in Parmesan cheese, my ultimate comfort food.

I think the only thing worse than eating all that food and dying would be eating all of that food and not dying.

Tomorrow’s topic: Blogs I read on a regular basis.



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